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Emilia Vila

Emilia Vila is a multi-award winner photographer based in northern Italy. She got her first reflex in 2000, and soon she understood that photography would have become her life companion forever. Before studying photography in deep and becoming a professional photographer, she completed academic studies in art and fashion design and acquired experience in the fashion industry. All the skills she gained along the path allow her today to personally design and create every element in the set, to tailor unique dresses, to create original draping with fabrics and lately hand painting the backdrops too. She also devotes a special care to the post production of the images, refined through years of courses and personal experience. This allows her to define her style and to create strong-impact images. In almost 10 years of photography career she gained experience in many different genres (including fashion), but in the last 4 years she specialized in Family and recently she decided to focus on fine art portraits more than she did before. The colors she uses in her painterly portraits are unusual, the outfits are unconventional if compared to the classic fine art portraits, and this is what makes her style unique. The ambition to create every time something different and new is what keeps her passion alive and feeds her creativity: “When I go through my portfolio I just want to see innovation and if I don’t, it means I failed my mission to evolve every day.” Awards RISE AWARDS 2018 - Finalist in 2 categories (Maternity and Children); THE PORTRAIT MASTERS 2020 (JANUARY)- Finalist (Maternity); EPA AWARDS 2020- 1'st Place Top photographer of the year (Maternity); WPI AWARDS -(2'nd edition 2020) - 1'st Place (Newborn) and 2'nd Place (Maternity); WCP Italy 2020 - Finalist top 10; MPA 2020 - Finalist top 10 (Chidren); 35AwARDS 2019 - TOP 10 (Maternity); 5 Cover Magazines - Children Portraits all 2020.