EPA Association

Jenny Puronne

I’m a very creative person and a photographer who loves to discover the world by traveling. I love to create art and to share it. I have been working as a professional photographer since 2004. I began as a wedding photographer and today I do more work in the studio with children, families, and adults. My passion is to create fine art photos from new ideas and work "outside the box". I always want to get better than my last image I have created and I love to find new ways to think and create. I also have a passion for learning about other people and helping others to grow. My first award was gold in Swedish Championship 2014 and after that year I have got lots of awards in top places around in competitions in the world. It helps me to do more with my images and have more fun when I work. And to get better. The last few years I have been judging in Sweden, European Photographers of the year (FEP), and WPC (World photographic cup) awards. "Young Inside" is probably my most popular picture I have created and it has gotten gold awards in many international competitions and in the Swedish Mastership, silver place in portraits´ category overall in Europe, 7th place in Portraits overall in World Photographic Cup etc.